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Re: OT: Switch port mapper

You didn't say what kind of switches they are.  If they are Cisco, you
can do a "sh cdp neigh" and that will show the next connected switch. 
There may be a similar command on other switches.  You'll have to check
the documentation for the device.  I use Cisco Works/HP Openview to
manage mine.  Since there are only 5, it seems it would be easier and
quicker just to walk it out and document them.

>>> maillist brturbo com 02/23/03 19:11 PM >>>
First, this IS OT. Never mind, i do not want to post like this every
We have 5 switches at the firm and a new sysadmin around here: me. Well,
the OLD guy didn't labeled the machine/ip/switch port, and the lan map
is something mysterious now. Googling at the web, i found something
related at Solarwinds. Their product is too expensive to the firm right
now, and there is only a MS version of the "Switch port mapper".
I need something that runs under linux.
Any ideas?
Thanks again and excuses for the OT.

Renato Salles

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