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Re: Processor type a kernel was compiled for

On Monday 24 February 2003 13:58, Thomas Dodd wrote:
> That only gives the arch of the latest installed kernel.

Actually, for all kernels.  From oldest to newest.

> That may be what Michael wanted, but is there a way to find out what
> arch the currently running kernel was built for?

uname -a then match it to the kernel, then run the rpm query.

> What about an arbitrary kernel in /boot, can you determine what arch
> it's for?

You hope that somebody was smart about the naming scheme

> I could have a custom kernel in /boot, but not remember if it was i386,
> i686, or athlon.
> How can I tell?

You be smart about your naming scheme and name it something you can remember.  
How often do you find yourself compiling athlon kernels for a p4?

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE
Mondo DevTeam (http://www.microwerks.net/~hugo/)

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