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Re: again nebwie alert :-)

On 12:07 25 Feb 2003, ulrich steffens <ulrich barfuss-jerusalem org> wrote:
| i just have a 'simple' question:
| i?m running rh8 on an older amdk6-2 300MHz without a gui as a server.
| is there a tool out here wich can show me the temperature of the cpu
| without using a gui? sometimes my machine starts beeping which
| i think comes from overheating. so if i?m @home theres no problem
| with that, but i want to check it from time to time from somewhere else.
| i have shell access enabled so i could watch this from time to time.
| is it possible to watch the temperature of such cpu?

I believe the lm_sensors package is for this:


It ships with redhat, so you probably have it already.
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