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RE: 8.0 install

Title: RE: 8.0 install

Do you want this machine to have the ability to boot multiple OS's?  Is a version of Windows already installed on the machine?  I do know there is an issue with installing 95, 98, or Me.  You'll always want to install Windows before anything else.

Are you allowing the 8.0 install to remove all partitions?


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I had to attempt to reinstall 8.0 on a machine that had it working before. Looks like i installed too much junk and the x server crashed badly amongst other things.

Here's the problem.

I get to the part where the partitions are to be formated and the installation crashes after it comes to the end of formating the last partition.

Basically nothing will install, i have tried a few different os's.

I might have messed up my disk by fdisking it with a win 95 disk and formating, or my mbr is messed up.

Any ideas ?


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