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RE: setting network interface card to 100Mb/s half duplex

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, Vikash Tulsi wrote:

> Hi ! Leonard
> Thanks for replying so soon
> Running mii-tool -v
> eth0: 10 Mbit, half duplex, no link
>   product info: vendor 00:00:00, model 0 rev 0
>   basic mode:   10 Mbit, half duplex
>   basic status: no link
>   capabilities:
>   advertising:
> The output with regards to product info and basic status (nic is up) informs
> me that the current nic drivers does not use mii feature. Attempting to
> reconfigure the output is the same as the above.

That's not what I see from the output.  Or did you edit it?

> The card drivers installed by default on installation of linux is 3com
> 3c590/3c595/3c90x/3cx980. Is this acceptable driver ? 

Did you ever tell us what card you have?

You have to provide some kind of information, otherwise people just ignore 
your postings.


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