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Re: [edlug] RedHat kernel versions

On 05 Jun 2003 12:29:57 +0100 "Stephen C. Tweedie" <sct redhat com> 

> Hi,
> On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 10:41, Ross Macintyre wrote:
> > But now I've got your attention, you could help me with one more thing:
> > could you tell me what the side effects of running a generic i686 
> > kernel on an athlon processor would be? 
> A few bits and pieces relating to improved performance for those CPUs. 
> It enables cache-bypass streaming page clear/copy, but not much else;
> and without the athlon kernel, you still get MMX-based page operations
> (not quite as fast as the athlon-dedicated ones, but still
> accelerated.)  It also results in a kernel compiled with gcc optimising
> its instruction scheduling and function alignment for athlon.  So it's a
> bit of a performance boost.

Thanks for that information Stephen. 
I'm now in the difficult position of wondering whether to use the 
athlon up-to-date kernel(2.4.20-18.8smp) or the i686 older 
kernel(2.4.18-27.8.0smp) [or recompile my own]? (I prefer to use 
generic kernels and not bother recompiling).
The reason I'm considering the older kernel is that the newer kernel 
seems to break the 2 bits of software that I want to run to manage my 
raid configuration, that is megamgr and 
/etc/init.d/raidmon[MegaCtrl/MegaServ] to manage an LSILogic Megaraid 
SCSI 320-2.
Maybe I need to use the older athlon kernel but I'm not sure if RedHat 
makes these available? I only have the i686 version of the older 
kernel. Could you advise please? Do Ineed to wait for LSILogic to 
update their software or wait for a RedHat kernel that runs megaserv 
and megamgr?
Thanks aagain,


Ross Macintyre
Heriot-Watt University
raz macs hw ac uk

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