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RE: Linksys KVM switch

I also have had some of the problems mentioned with the mouse when I switch
over using the KVM.  I have found I can logoff using the arrow keys on the
keyboard then logging back in.  That seems to reset the mouse.  I've got a
logitech wireless setup, but I've tried a number of different mice and still
had the same problem.  It does seem to get "better" if I select a generic
mouse in the RH-->System Settings-->Mouse setup panel.  But it still happens
about 50% of the time.  

Where would one get drivers for mice, etc., if the manufacturer doesn't
offer Linux-specific themselves?  Since changing the setup seems to help, it
seems to be a driver issue somehow.


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I'm considering getting a Linksys ProConnect Integrated KVM 2 Port switch to
use on my RH 8.0 box and a Win98 box.  Has anyone ever used this switch on a
Linux box?  Is there any reason it shouldn't work?


John Guynn

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