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Re: Getting Latest Mozilla RPMs


I am running an up2date version of psyche, I built mozzilla 1.4 from the RawHide Source a day ago It seems to work well. If some one can tell me where I can upload the binary {i386} packages I would be glad to provide them.

I built the binaries from source because the rawhide binary packages would not work.


Thomas Dodd wrote:

Charles Curley wrote:

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 09:49:15AM -0500, John Mathey wrote:

www.mozilla.org is where I get mine.

I can find tarball packages (http://www.mozilla.org/releases/#1.3.1); but not RPMs.


If you want nightly trunk builds they start in gtk2. I usually use the latest nightly srpms and chnage the build options some.

For the jre visit java.sun.com

It's usually a self extracting archive that extracts to a RPM file you can install.


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