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Re: Linksys KVM switch

Corey Head wrote:
> I also have had some of the problems mentioned with the mouse when I
> switch over using the KVM.  I have found I can logoff using the arrow
> keys on the keyboard then logging back in.  That seems to reset the
> mouse.  I've got a logitech wireless setup, but I've tried a number
> of different mice and still had the same problem.  It does seem to
> get "better" if I select a generic mouse in the RH-->System
> Settings-->Mouse setup panel.  But it still happens about 50% of the
> time.
> Where would one get drivers for mice, etc., if the manufacturer
> doesn't offer Linux-specific themselves?  Since changing the setup
> seems to help, it seems to be a driver issue somehow.

She Who Must Be Obeyed seems to have left psyche-list, so I try to stand
in... ;-D

It's not really a driver issue (although different drivers and different
operating systems can be affected differently). I guess all of you who
do experience difficulties with the mouse while using KVM switches are
using PS/2 mice. The reason is simple: While serial and USB ports are
built to be capable of "hot plugging", PS/2 ports are *not*. If you have
really bad luck you can even destroy the device and the port when doing

A good electronic KVM switch handles this by electronically emulating
the PS/2 mouse and/or keyboard, while the real device is used by another
box. If this doesn't work while switching the box this can lead to a
problem. XFree86 is especially vulnerable for this, while other
(commercial) X servers have less difficulties, and Windows doesn't seem
to notice it at all. I consider KVM switches which show such problems to
be defective, thus I request exchange on warranty.

I had good expeiences with KVM switches from Cybex, but they (and their
cables!) are *expensive*!

Best regards,
Martin Stricker
Homepage: http://www.martin-stricker.de/
Linux Migration Project: http://www.linux-migration.org/
Red Hat Linux 8.0 for low memory: http://www.rule-project.org/
Registered Linux user #210635: http://counter.li.org/

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