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Re: Hi

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On Sunday 22 June 2003 13:39, adrianix slingshot co nz wrote:
> Another newbie, with problems, what else is new?
> Finally succeeded to install rh8.0 after figuring out how to delete  v6.
> Now I face the root in text when I wanted to have the gui on and dunno how
> to get there? Yes, I read the damn book on install and files, I'll write
> anaconda about that; and the help files too.   It's like being tossed into
> a swahili home with no swahili at all.
> Do I re-install; terrified to? Might do something wrong he.
> What's the cmd string to get the gui going?

Typing "startx" should get you going. However, you must have the GUI 
installed, stuff like X or KDE or Gnome. Did you opt for a server install and 
left them out?

> And I'm having problems figuring out what raid, kudzu do, as well as the
> foreign language in the spetup agent the install book did not tell me to
> type in at root. The labels in the S-agent don't mean a thing and I did not
> get the ehlp files instalelds ewither NOR can read the tar zip files in
> archive because - catch 22 - I cannot get into linux to do this.

You are in linux; just not in GUI mode. You PC managed to boot up right? You 
should be able to read the help files in command line;  try "cat <filename>" 
or "less <filename>", and you can read the help files.

> Also if one sez no to the summaries, does one get any mail or none? I'd
> like the e-mail in  full until I can understand some of it, wot?

You'll get the mail individually, rather than in "digest" form where all the 
mail are consolidated in one.

Please let the list know more details of your install. Things like your 
settings, what install you chose, what steps you took.

Don't worry about newbie mistakes; that's how we all learn.

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to the death your right to say it." - Beatrice Hall
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