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OK John, I'm an honours graduate bin ENGLISH< from an english uni too. I'm an expert on English. Dear
Boy, I don't know what is "meaningful" to you, I don't know you. If you write that kind of thing to
newbies it puts them off, hurts their feeling and you'll have lost another convert to Linux, is that
what you want? What you call "netiqutte"demands one uses topic and task specific questions, ala REDHAT
documentation conventions which stop me from getting the hang of things. It has some 4200 commands, do
you imagine people can "meaningfully" stuff that between the ears on just reading a doc file?

by "meaning" you mean what you know.
Agreed that's what I am trying to grok. Meaning is the wrong word, you mean Redhat definitions of terms
and its ways of doing things.
What stops me is that I am a newbie to REDHAT jargon, which you know rather well, and I not at all. I am
not a newbie in several other areas, linguistics one of them. IE I don't grok any of the REDHAT jargon
and actions inside REDHAT, you do.
I gave the explanation in the first newbie post to anaconda, but that seems to get some huff going and
talk about MY english, when I complained about yours being - as in Alice in Wonderland - inpenetrable TO
ME.  That does not measn I'm stupid, because I know what causes this. The style of the handbooks.

WHY Billy Gates is pop is because he does it so one needs no computer jargon. Redhat works ONLY with
computer jargon. It's like learning a foreign language which I know quite well how to do, but in the
case of REDHAT them rules don't work because computers are morons.

In order to get meanings across to newbies DON'T use jargon FAMILIAR to you, newbies don't grok that,
and which fills up FAQs and lists and helpfiles.
Find some metaphor, image, slang phrase, whatever but NOT jargon to explain Jargon. I used to teach DOS
and programmers got the horrors and the students liked it. I have friends expert on software design and
hardware and we communicate rather well. It's just that they are very busy filling orders.

If you block things they don't get through.


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> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
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> > 1) use a meaningful subject.  i have already configured my procmail
> >    filter to scrap postings that say simply "help" or "urgent" (and,
> >    now, "newbie" :-).
> I'm easily persuaded;-)
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