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Re: newbie

Callan K L Tham wrote:

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On Thursday 26 June 2003 01:31, Craig White wrote:

I don't recall ever reading about any order of things.

Looks like we're running into a problem here. The original thread, titled simply "Hi" was posted by Adrian started on 22nd June, and only I responded. This happened all the way till 25th June. I'm not sure why no one responded to him, but I wonder if everyone on the list got the mails, cos only another person responded besides me.

Did eveyone get those mails?


I received the original email, but since the subject was "hi", I figured it was either spam, or possibly a virus. I did not even open the original email.
I hope the original poster will realize that this list is archived, and that the subject line is important to people who are searching for solutions to similar problems.

I'm using mozilla mail, so html is not a problem for me, but a lot of the people that can be helpful either filter out html posts, or ignore html altogether. Moral: If you want help on this list, post in plain text.

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