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Re: newbie

You're not the only one, the man does not write standard English and does not yet know enough Linux
jargon. I know why  & how this happens but too complex too explain. It's all a case of getting to know

INTO -> bootup and have it work. For the moment I still am stuck in windows.
Gnome is default install, shows 5 icons in the bottom panel RH menu, mail, Office, .?...  I cannot get
to other packages like KDE, etc.  Since these funny package labels don't show what they do, I want to
look them all over and then decide which ones to use. Have a 5 gig Linux partition so can be a bit messy
for starters. Need guis to start with.


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> On Wednesday 25 June 2003 15:16, afme ihug co nz wrote:
> > I looked at both urls
> > www.webmin.com The man knows how to write and put up a webpage. IF only one  could get that
installed in linux, instead of windows which won't allow
> > that, and I cannot get INTO linux beyond gnome, so far. Consider the bugs,
> > fill in the search box when I don't even know what bugs to look at, also
> > looked at the list, I might as well be reading swahili. The bugs are topic
> > and task specific, which requires one already knows how Linux works and can
> > use it. Then some or other detail won't go as EXPECTED and one focusses on
> > solving that within one's grasp of the subject. It means one must at least
> > have some grasp to things. So far I have none. Now how can an expert make
> > it easy to understand to a newbie? Which inverts the issue as put up by the
> > next one.
> I'm seriously having a hard time understanding your English.  Webmin.com is a
> Linux application.  It installs very easily on Red Hat.  Download the .rpm
> file, and run: rpm -ivh webmin-version.arch.rpm.   (replace "version" and
> "arch" with the actual terms from the file you downloaded).
> I don't understand what you mean by "get INTO linux beyond gnome".  What is
> your goal?  How can we help you obtain your goal?
> What bugs are you talking about?  Where are you "filling in the search box"?
> What "list" are you looking at?
> If you don't know how to use Linux or how Linux works, why are you looking at
> bugs then?  Shouldn't you be concentrating on USING Linux rather than trying
> to read bug reports?
> Perhaps you should invest in some Using Linux type books.  There are plenty
> out there.  You should also visit http://www.linuxnewbie.org.  You should
> probably learn to walk before you run headlong into Linux.
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