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install4 report

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From: <adrianix slingshot co nz>   ONLY:
To: <psyche-list redhat com>
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2003 5:43 PM
Subject: Re: newbie

RE-install 4  click desktop, reformat, custom. from CD which autoruns.
already did a media check before, kosher.

a: rescue:  hb mounted  mnt/sysimage  #
-bin /sh-2.05 bh
exit    ->reboots
b: askmethod  blahh  isolinux  components: .xml
gnome 2
c: custom, have to click  KDE
log _. root/install.log
root/anaconda ks config  1777 Mb  1 hr.32 min

Now 3 files in GRUB not as previous 2 smp
garbage on a blue screen
blank popup with yes/no panels, click yes
password   authentication fails, several times
turns out it won't have 1024 x 864  only 800-600  when the screen allows any size.

splash screen   got gnome panel below
Konqueror desktop too wide for 800 x 600
things don't work either.
Have a x86 intel Pentium pro  Celeron.

also several garbage screens and garbage in the back next panels.  Keep on redoing the enter  blahh
screens at great speed. One shows about 40 pixels high with various colours.
 OH yes, ctl-alt-backspace now does nothing at all

Since autoinstall had  1024 x 864 before, sounds like the problem could be the Asrock spectrum7, for
which it has five choices of spectrum 7 and cannot find which version is mine. See whether the bios has
any info?

Suppose we'll have to install again ! First try another reboot. 
 REBOOT;  the usual run thru  jave 2.4.18-11
unclean shutdown before, hhmm
only root
get Konqueror, at least now a "command to get into shell".
all the subscreens to use are too tall to click next, accept etc. 
Cconfig warns unstable at risk to use. 
Various things cannot access. logout on bottom panel only permits logout, so
command  sh-2.02b #  typed in "exit"
back to username password
Tried "system", which permits shutdown.
Took 5 runs. 

Sounds like yet another install. We'll have to see whether windows now is also in 800x 600.


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