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Re: newbie

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On Sun, 29 Jun 2003 17:43:19 +1200, afme ihug co nz wrote:

> == I've now spent 2 hours on the phone with a Prog designer friend who knows more prog languages than
> anybody, and he is flummoxed. He is VERY busy and will turn up tue or wed. NOTHING he tried worked,
> cannot get into shell or command line. He double checked on his own laptop with Linux on it and that
> worked. The frisbies are as clean as a whistle and do boot up.
> == and I will reinstall, reformat do a manual and see and after that do it again in custom.
> Re-install, sounds like one ?possible? option.
> That's two weeks of MY time wasted
> WOOF, grrrhhh,wafwaf, where 's the bone?

At this point I'd like to note that your main problem is, you are a
"newbie in communication", not just a Linux newbie. Your messages
are confusing and difficult to read, because they are badly
formatted and the bottom quotes are inappropriate and useless. The
whole "newbie" thread is hard to follow. After having read the first
2-3 sentences of one of your messages, I usually skip to the next
e-mail. Your description of your problems does not become clear. So
many words, but hardly any content. Your replies to people that
tried to help you don't make much sense (for instance, in Outlook
Express you still have entered your e-mail address where you are
expected to enter your full name).

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