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Cher Michael,

I happen to be  a qualified expert in communication, In English, with honours, gained in a NU Zilland
Uni to boot. Funny that. YOU don't understand, so blame ME, Freud calls that projection. VERY common and
typical. Also the way one gets one's head bitten off when offending against the **hidden agenda** of
lists, makes RED HAT enterprise a CLOSED SHOP; they don't take criticism, also very typical. The fact
that YOU cannot see any relevancy to my quotes does not mean there is None, do it? REDHAT is into v 9.0
and still not there. Go look at mandrake and peanut website.

I've also no doubt you think of yourself as a kind, well-willing person, AND a volunteer who helps
others, but ONLY on the group's  self-agreed on terms NOT known to outsiders, nor made clear to
outsiders, although this outsider can see them 3 miles off on a foggy day. You probably also think you
are doing me a good turn.
It would be an idea to send this *hidden agenda* spelled out clear, WITH the acceptance to the list

It just so happens that the likes of me lie outside your mental bailiwick, also very typical of
specialists. IS that MY fault? Is that yours? Neither. Making it my problem, does not solve the problem.
It is BETWEEN us: transactional
and interactional; also called a credibility gap. All of you made judgments about me without knowing one
damn thing about me, typical. You also imagine that you're giving me good advice on the FALSE assumption
that because I don't know any Linux I must be stupid or ignorant, haha. It's called "the first four
minutes of contact" when folk jump to confusions about other people that are SELDOM CHANGED later. How
many words do you know?  The help supplied by REDHAT is nomothetic. You probably won't find that word in
a standard dictionary, haha. The man took Computing 1 in 1972 on an Eniac; now useless knowledge. The
REDHAT boss, I wrote to,  told me "to be blunt..... etc, probably in archive. Anaconda - what did I
know? - dev/junk, etc .. nulled me. haha. Callan suggested early I stay with it; he does not know me
well either. IAIN, more moderately,
simply told me HE did not understand me, which is very understandable.

I learn things by the phrase "I'll get there if it kills me". The man also uses the engineer's "Suck it
and see". I don't sit there and bleat either, or woof.

In communication the range lies between 0 and 100% comprehension or understanding of whatever for either
party. WHO should bridge the gap? The one with the most understanding and expertise! Once and after I
get to know some Unix jargon, I won't need you, except for bug fixes. HENK alone picked that maybe a
re-install might work, after a week, I'd already done three and went 2 more using all the options on
anaconda, short of manual, as I am not a PC expert. Computerese is but 1 of thousands of areas of
specialisation to be expert in, each with their own jargon.  Craig is a real charmer, woof. I'll now
have to do a 6th, letting auto do its thing + a re-format again, and then correct later. I spent two
hours on the phone [toll call] with a program designer who knows all PC languages, short of very
specialised ones. He'll come and fix it later as he cannot - over the phone - feed me the right textmode
commands. Gnome does not have a command shell listed in its bottom panel redhat icon menu. It won't let
me get into textmode, nor does system when booting. Anaconda auto nor druid installs KDE. One has to
customise after install, without any UNIX commands knowledge. funny that.

Have you heard of problem solving, I doubt it. It ain't logical as one eliminates a well contrived list
of possibilities one by one. Next, being Lazy, that means efficient, the 1st order of business is:
A: pick brains, in this case of  REDhat who supplied the package. QUOTE:
"Welcome to the official RED Hat Linux: "This kit contains everything you need to successfully install
and run the latest version, etc blahh" end-quote from the red flimsy  "GO FOR IT" I did and what
IT's called trusting people for knowing what they are up to. "Ask the expert". I did, and what happened?
B:  read books, did so, handbook and frisbie docs; all I could get hold of. I have to travel about 80 km
to visit a bookshop; MY problem. Could not get at the doc and info, done by install to disc, since RH
8.0 did not get into being workable as an OS. Also does not explain how to recover from something gone
C: Start thinking - which is what I'm doing now; slow tough work.

5 installs failed,  anaconda has no means to recover from such things as going wrong
Therefore it is now most likely  that either, from incompatibilities:
1: the hardware is later than the build of RH 8.0, viz, it cannot cope with a microsoft wheelmouse PS/2,
done during installing on a click, despite the fact that in install 2 & 3, using gnome I redid the
generic 3 tooth mouse setup and it supplied a wheelmouse PS/2 package that worked, so that's a bug.
Windows copes, REDHAT does not. How would I know with 1000s of chips, Boards, monitors, modems, etc
blahh around.
2: The windows 98.2.4 on the PC has Msoft supplied drivers that are too old, viz most of them are dated
'99. That is the case with the Lucent Winmodem #2 for which Linux has a fix or patch. I found one too;
only to be told later there's already one on the CDRom, so how come install does not insert one? This
may include getting a bios update, already exists, just have to open the box and read those dang icky
stickies on the Eprom, etc., for the family and model number. The Mboard is a 2002 make, same year as RH
v 8.0. Monitor ditto.

I shan't regale with the psycho-make-up and mindset or mindstyle of most programmers, I have  some of
them as dear friends, and well paid too. REDHAT 8.0 was a gift by one. Let me say that programmers think
logically [and only binary at that] with well defined words and [like dogs resemble their owners if they
are not careful] programmers tend to think like computers; just as the military can only think of war,
etc., blahh. I don't think that way.

So thanks for the advice. Let me be "blunt" too; Edward C. Bailey thought he was.
This person does not need an education, he can do with some HELP!  IFF you cannot help, just say so.
It's quicker that way. If you don't try to remodel me, I won't do it to you. I also hope you don't ever
come across any "indigo" children, look it up on Internet.


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> On Sun, 29 Jun 2003 17:43:19 +1200, afme ihug co nz wrote:
> > == I've now spent 2 hours on the phone with a Prog designer friend who knows more prog languages
> > anybody, and he is flummoxed. He is VERY busy and will turn up tue or wed. NOTHING he tried worked,
> > cannot get into shell or command line. He double checked on his own laptop with Linux on it and that
> > worked. The frisbies are as clean as a whistle and do boot up.
> >
> > == and I will reinstall, reformat do a manual and see and after that do it again in custom.
> >
> > Re-install, sounds like one ?possible? option.
> >
> > That's two weeks of MY time wasted
> >
> > WOOF, grrrhhh,wafwaf, where 's the bone?
> At this point I'd like to note that your main problem is, you are a
> "newbie in communication", not just a Linux newbie. Your messages
> are confusing and difficult to read, because they are badly
> formatted and the bottom quotes are inappropriate and useless. The
> whole "newbie" thread is hard to follow. After having read the first
> 2-3 sentences of one of your messages, I usually skip to the next
> e-mail. Your description of your problems does not become clear. So
> many words, but hardly any content. Your replies to people that
> tried to help you don't make much sense (for instance, in Outlook
> Express you still have entered your e-mail address where you are
> expected to enter your full name).
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