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Re: Troubleshooting.

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On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 06:50:25 +1200, afme ihug co nz wrote:

> I happen to be  a qualified expert in communication, In English, with honours, gained in a NU Zilland
> Uni to boot. Funny that. YOU don't understand, so blame ME, Freud calls that projection. VERY common and
> typical.

All that doesn't interest me at all on psyche-list.

Who else except yourself does understand all the babbling in your

I think you should take some more time while composing your messages.

> Also the way one gets one's head bitten off when offending against the **hidden agenda** of
> lists, makes RED HAT enterprise a CLOSED SHOP;

Another of those sentences which don't get to the point. Who do you
expect to read all that?

> they don't take criticism, also very typical.

"they" = Red Hat?

How did you make the step from your "Re: newbie" thread to general

> The fact
> that YOU cannot see any relevancy to my quotes does not mean there is None, do it? REDHAT is into v 9.0
> and still not there. 

Another very expressive sentence. I still don't know what your
particular problem is.

> Go look at mandrake and peanut website.

You're truely a master of communication and power of expression.

> I've also no doubt you think of yourself as a kind, well-willing person, AND a volunteer who helps
> others, but ONLY on the group's  self-agreed on terms NOT known to outsiders, nor made clear to
> outsiders, although this outsider can see them 3 miles off on a foggy day.

Poor attempt at starting a flame-war. It is so easy 

 - to use full real name in "From: " field,
 - to not post HTML,
 - to auto-wrap lines around 70-72 characters,
 - to not quote list footers, advertisements and alike,
 - to choose a meaningful subject line,
 - to quote only relevant pieces of the previous message,
 - to reply below quotes (especially helpful when answering
   to other's questions to keep context),
 - to get to the point while keeping it short.
You can find Netiquette guidelines with Google, for instance.

> You probably also think you
> are doing me a good turn.

No. I just felt the need to point out why I haven't participated in
this "Re: newbie" thread so far and why I think many other
subscribers have not taken part either.

Everytime I look into my Red_Hat_Psyche folder I see many new
messages in this neverending thread called "newbie". Wondering what
that thread is all about, I start reading some new messages. And I
still don't get it.

[a *lot* of crap deleted]

You literally flood the list with crap. No one is interested in
several pages of mental junk. Consider writing a book. ;)

> C: Start thinking - which is what I'm doing now; slow tough work.
> 5 installs failed,  anaconda has no means to recover from such things as going wrong

"Going wrong" means what?!

Can you quote those parts of your message where one is expected to
find any details about your failed installation attempt?

> So thanks for the advice. Let me be "blunt" too; Edward C. Bailey thought he was.
> This person does not need an education, he can do with some HELP!  IFF you cannot help, just say so.

Well, so far it doesn't seem you want any help with Red Hat Linux 8.0.

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