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Re: Troubleshooting.

On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 06:50:25AM +1200, afme ihug co nz wrote:

Hello "afme".

You are having trouble getting help here because you are using the tools
provided incorrectly.

For example, the best format to use for emails here is plain text,
wrapped at 72 columns.  Your lines are too long and as a result they get
all mangled and deformed when they are displayed in the email programs 
of some of the other readers in the list.

There are a number of other conventions which are neccesary to adhere to
if you want to be successful at getting help here.  Most of them are
outlined here in the Unofficial RHIL User's Guide:

Please note - one of the unwritten agenda items in this email list and
all email lists is that most people don't bother trying to help
or communicate with people who are actively abusing/being hostile to
the list.

> Cher Michael,
> I happen to be  a qualified expert in communication, In English, with honours, gained in a NU Zilland
> Uni to boot. 

You should ask for your money back. you were robbed.  

Your writing style is tremendously appropriate for an insider's novella
and an absolute disaster for this venue.

In order to be successful here try this:

	Be concise.
	Be clear.
	Be complete.
	Stay focused on topic.  

All the schmutz you posted (just below), is turning people away from
trying to help you.  If you continue in this vein for very long, not
only will people not try to help you, they will actively lobby the
list owner to get you taken off the list.

A better, much more complete explaination of all this is in the Unofficial 
RHIL User's Guide:

> Funny that. YOU don't understand, so blame ME, Freud calls that projection. VERY common and
> typical. Also the way one gets one's head bitten off when offending against the **hidden agenda** of
> lists, makes RED HAT enterprise a CLOSED SHOP; they don't take criticism, also very typical. The fact
> that YOU cannot see any relevancy to my quotes does not mean there is None, do it? REDHAT is into v 9.0
> and still not there. Go look at mandrake and peanut website.
> I've also no doubt you think of yourself as a kind, well-willing person, AND a volunteer who helps
> others, but ONLY on the group's  self-agreed on terms NOT known to outsiders, nor made clear to
> outsiders, although this outsider can see them 3 miles off on a foggy day. You probably also think you
> are doing me a good turn.
> It would be an idea to send this *hidden agenda* spelled out clear, WITH the acceptance to the list
> e-mail.
.....<Boatloads of bunk deleted, clearly someone has spent far too much
time in some New Age - alternative education system>

Jeff Kinz, Open-PC, Emergent Research,  Hudson, MA.  jkinz kinz org
copyright 2003.  Use is restricted. Any use is an 
acceptance of the offer at http://www.kinz.org/policy.html.
Don't forget to change your password often.

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