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Re: A HUMOROUS FLAME (was Re: Troubleshooting.)

On 29 Jun 2003, Scott Kindley wrote:

<tons of stuff snipped>

> > The help supplied by REDHAT is nomothetic. You probably won't find that word in
> > a standard dictionary, haha. 
> Actaully it is in Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. One can also
> find it by using /usr/bin/gnome-dictionary, although your path may vary
> a little. I do believe it is shipped with Red Hat Linux 8.0 and 9.

Finally, finally, something good comes out of this thread.  I had no clue
about gnome-dictionary.  Nice tool for non-natives.

<more snip>

> > Gnome does not have a command shell listed in its bottom panel redhat icon menu. It won't let
> > me get into textmode, nor does system when booting. Anaconda auto nor druid installs KDE. One has to
> > customise after install, without any UNIX commands knowledge. funny that.
> Simultaneously pressing the "ctr-alt-F1" keys on your keyboard would
> bring you to a non-graphical login prompt after your machine booted up
> into run level five. That is graphical mode in case you are unfamiliar
> with the "jargon". Of course Google or any other search engine on the
> internet would have information such as this.

Here I have to agree with afmee.  I haven't understood why the
gnome-terminal icon ended up in system tools.  That resembles windows,
where the "text window", or whatever it's called, is hidden in sub-menus
of sub-menus, but not on the desktop.

<final snip>



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