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Re: Troubleshooting.

NO it won't. One has to get a freebie Utility, not in Win. Now he tells me about the unofficial guide.
Like henk "did not know that".  Be good for a laugh. Sounds like upper class men's club or secret
society. Yes, when in enemy territory, mimic enemy. Been there, done that. FIRST rule in spy handbook,
good for going paranoid, haha.

If you know how you better tell me because preference and options in IExplorer don't show any. Besides
he's "Ieradicated" [freebie on I-net]  Iexplorer v 6 and all the previous bits of gunk from 4 on. Win 98
lives on 1gig IDE disc, and its leaves droppings around until under 100 MB left, so did a deep house
clean. Regular routine.  At one stage found 180 0 Kb files. Regularly removes unwanted left behind after
"Uninstall" *.dll files.  Also does not clean up internet temp file. Win now runs much faster. Get rid
of index.dat files, promptly get restored. Use Win Mozilla to surf.  ALL the extra programs reside on
Disc D, in first 2094 KB partition.  Has outlook screen at full screen width, when "send" it contracts
to about 30 chars odd, p in the a.  After getting rid of Iexplorer, had 402 MB left free, now down to
365 by dint of much cleaning.  original install use only 560 MB. Also has to do regular registry cleanup
by rubbish left behind when installing extra utilities. It hung and complained so first time removed 400
lines. It stopped complaining. WIN "Regclean" useless.

So, pliz, back up the assertion with usable details, without access to Iexplorer.
Why do you imagine I want to shift to Linux?

Maybe it IS possible *in principle* but that is not necessarily *in praxis* { * added for emphasis}.
Gets lots of "in principle" advice on Psyche list. If so, after using Win since .3.0, god forbid, I have
not found it. First machine, with large floppies 360 KB only,  in 1987.  No ambition to turn programmer
or hacker, just plain user.

Must go to do 6th re-install tonite.


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> On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 11:42:07AM +1200, afme ihug co nz wrote:
> > Ta, I know, but windows outlook won't let one have them at 72 letters,
> Yes it will -
> This document :
> > > There are a number of other conventions which are neccesary to adhere to
> > > if you want to be successful at getting help here.  Most of them are
> > > outlined here in the Unofficial RHIL User's Guide:
> > > http://www.rhil.org/docs/rhil-guide.html
> will tell you how to do it or where to go to find out how to do it.
> It will also tell you how to approach problem solving via an email list.
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