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Re: Recommendation

Hi Jesse,

Many thanks for your replies.

You know, it was the 7.5 K3b rpm that I had on the machine anyway. You've
just got to have KDE 3.0 installed for this thing to work. Happily, I've
worked out my problem with gtoaster, but I'll be darned if I'll keep K3b on
this computer if I'm forced to install KDE as well. Talk about bloat!

Anyway, the way thing have washed out, K3b and KDE go, gtoaster stays. I
gave X-CD-Roast a go and it worked quite well too. As long as I can burn
ISOs and copy data I'm OK here. There no pressing need for audio discs. But
I certainly appreciate your very quick follow-up to my request.

John Lowell

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> On Thursday 27 February 2003 14:26, John Lowell wrote:
> > I'd appreciate having a recommendation of a quality CD burning program
> > that will handle ISO burns. I've tried K3b when I've used KDE and it
> > worked but with my latest install of Red Hat 8.0 I've not chosen KDE
> > and, while I've downloaded the old 7.5 rpm for Red Hat 8.0, K3b has done
> > nothing but fight me. I would add that I've found Gnome Toaster
> > virtually unintelligible, I mean talk about an unusable program. At this
> > point I'll take anything that'll work.
> BTW, I've got a k3b rpm that is much nicer about deps, and build-deps.
> http://geek.j2solutions.net/rpms/k3b/
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