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Re: Port Mapper Failure

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:

You may want to include more details as to how you made sure
portmapper was runing and how you shutdown the firewall, but here
are some things I would try.

From the client PC run:

# rpcinfo -p <servername>

See if you have the following lines:

   100000    2   tcp    111  portmapper
   100000    2   udp    111  portmapper

Also on the server PC to be absolutely sure the firewall is
disabled run the following:

# service iptables stop
# service ipchains stop

You may have already tried these things, but since the original
email does not mention exactly how you confirmed the firewall was
not running and that portmapper was running it may help provide a
bit more information to the list.

Hope this helps some...


Well, Jeffrey, we get to the heart of the matter! I'd been advised to turn off the firewall on both machines with the command "service iptables off" when the right command is service iptables stop"!! What a difference that makes: I'm now able to mount /mnt/ from the client machine that way without difficulty!

Sorry for having given so little detail on the matter earlier. I'd laid it out exhaustively in "NFS, SchmeNFS", a message I sent to the list last week, and felt that simply reporting the results of the work I'd done as a consequence of that discussion would be enough. Clearly it was!

Now, a follow-up question for you: Now that I know for certain that the firewall is the problem here, what port number do I give the firewall configuration program to ensure that NFS communication is enabled. Would I be right to assume 2049?

Many thanks to you.

John Lowell

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