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Re: print pdf files

--- Aaron Konstam <akonstam Trinity Edu> wrote:
>On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 10:36:33AM -0800, anthony baldwin wrote:
>> I have been trying all day to print my tax return.
>> I tried to file electrontically, but it was rejected for mysterious reasons that I cannot fathom, so I downloaded the return in .pdf format from TurboTax and hvae not been able to print it, whether with ps/pdf viewer, xpdf, Adobe, or Ghostview.
>> I'm using lpr.
>> I also converted to postscript and still had no luck.
>> Any ideas?
>> tony
>If you are using turbotax program on a windows machine it will allow
>you to print your tax return. If you are using the web version then
>the pdf form can be printed directly from acroread the pdf reader from
>Adobe (its free).
>Filing electronically from turbotax is tricky since it always stops
>you for technical errors that it should ignore. I mean errors in the
>tax filing.
>Aaron Konstam
>Computer Science
>Trinity University
>715 Stadium Dr.
>San Antonio, TX 78212-7200
>telephone: (210)-999-7484
>email:akonstam trinity edu

Thanks, Aaron,
I am using Red Hat 8.0, of course, not Windows. (No M$ garbage in my house).
I have downloaded the form because it would not print from the web page.
It would not print from Acroread, pdf viewer, xpdf or ghostview(converted to postscript), all of which will view the form.
Eventually I got frustrated on my Psyche box and turned on my iBook, downloaded the Acrobat Reader for OS X and managed to download and print from the iBook.
I kept getting and error that lpr or the kde print device could not print the .pdf files or needed to convert it to postscript.  Then I would get an error that it could not print because there was nothing to print, even after conversion to postscript.
I am wondering if there is some plugin missing for lpr to print .pdf and .ps files.


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