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Re: Mozilla accessing modem

Kevin Farmer wrote:
Hi All.

I am fairly new to Linux. I have my modem configured and working but I cannot figure out how to get Mozilla to automatically activate the modem when it is launched. Right now I have to activate and deactivate the modem by going to: System Tools --> Network Device Control. Also, when

Turn on DEMAND Dialing in the ppp0 configuration.

I run wvdial at the prompt (both as a root and as a normal user) I get the error message that the section [Dialer Defaults] does not exist in wvdial.conf and I don't know what those are.

Usually I use 'ifconfig ppp0 up' to do all that instead of wvdial.

There's a proble with the initscripts so you cannot use ONBOOT.
the demand dial option doesn't actually try dialing untill you try to access the network. It doesn't return either, so the network startup script hangs when starting ppp0.

There's a modem lights applet in RHL-8.0 that will start/stop the interface for you instead of using System Tools-->Network Device Control but you need to tell it to use /sbin/ifup and /sbin/ifdown insted of just ifup/ifdown.


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