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Re: RPM Help with postgresql/MySQL

Mystical Dluxe wrote:
Hi all..

I'm hoping for a little help. I have a RH8 server that I am trying to
set up with MySQL. I also have RH8 running on my laptop, so I figured
I'd use the laptop (which I can take home) as my test/learning machine. I installed MySQL on the desktop when I built the machine.

I didn't do that with the laptop, so today I tried to install all the
SQL Database server components (5/5) using the PACKAGES tool.  The
install fails stating that "postgresql-libs = 7.2.2" is not installed.

So I grabbed my CDs and found the missing RPM
(postgresql-libs-7.2.2-1.i386.rpm) and tried to install it all by
itself.  It fails saying: "A newer version of postgresql-libs" is
currently installed."

So, ok... I'm no wizard at RPM but here goes... open up a terminal and:
$ rpm -qa |grep post
[dluxe localhost rpm]$ rpm -e postgresql-libs-7.2.3-5.80
error: Failed dependencies:
        libpq.so.2 is needed by (installed) xemacs-21.4.8-16
        libpq.so.2 is needed by (installed) mod_auth_pgsql-0.9.12-11
        libpq.so.2 is needed by (installed) php-pgsql-4.2.2-8.0.7
        postgresql-libs is needed by (installed) php-pgsql-4.2.2-8.0.7

So, I can't remove the newer version either. I might be missing
something obvious since I am a newbie.  But I can't find any relevant
docs around and googling didn't get me a lot that made sense.

Can anyone tell me what I should do (short of rebuilding this laptop)? Feel free to post or email replies.

It sounds like you have already updated the Postgresql stuff with up2date (RHN). The Red Hat package tool is not very flexible, it requires you to install Postgres even if you only want to install MySQL. A little Red Hat bias there ;)

Anyway, try installing the MySQL RPMs from the command line. They are all on CD 3 of the standard CD set. I would install at least these three:

php-mysql-4.2.2-8.0.5.i386.rpm (for access to mysql from PHP)

Best Regards,
Wake up, baby, cause I'm coming to you from the future -- D Wyndorf
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