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Re: update : setting network interface card to 100Mb/s half duplex

On Fri Mar 07 2003 at 12:50, Vikash Tulsi wrote:

> Recap, difficulty configuring 3c905b-tx card from OS. Unable to do so using
> mii-tool.

Wrong tool.

> Like to thank Leonard Miller for the solution

No, just one possible solution.

> Used 3c90xcfg.exe DOS utility from the 3com website to configure my NIC to
> 100Mb/s half duplex.

Oh yuk... you don't need a dos (as in dinosaur) utility just to do

Try using the modinfo utility to determine the available options
that can be passed to your 3c905b card (ie: "modinfo 3c59x").
Suprise suprise, there's a whole list of them...

By doing this you will discover the right parameter(s) to pass to
the driver to put it into full or half duplex mode.  And do lots of
other things besides.  And you can reset the driver without
rebooting... simply unload and reload it again with the new
parameters that you want to use with your card.

> Cheers
> Vikash


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