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Re: Ext3 File System Check

Michael Schwendt wrote:

What's the question? Why do you see need to use option -j?

Run "fsck /dev/xxx" and see. Recent versions of e2fsprogs would hide the journal

Let me see if I can be helpful to you here, Mr. Schwendt. The question initially and now has simply been whether or not the right command to run a file system check on an ext3 file system is e2fsck -j /dev/xxxx, one answered simply enough with a yes or a no, and, if with a no, with an indication of the proper command. The marvelous economy involved in employing a proceedure of this kind would seem to have escaped you. As earlier I'd mentioned to you that I wasn't much for tolerating abuse, know further that I'm equally averse to "answers" that suggest that I might learn through experimentation. If you have an answer to bring to my question, bring it, otherwise spare me further messages kindly.

John Lowell

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