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Re: Ext3 File System Check

> I really don't want to hear from you again, Mr. Schwendt, and if I do 
> I'll take the matter to the people that run the list. I hope I make 
> myself absolutely clear.
> John Lowell   

John, Michael is one of the helpful people on the list. If he says
"read the man page" please take it seriously. The issue you are asking
about is more complex than a simple answer can make it. The man page
is as brief as you can get a full and complete answer. If it still
leaves some questions then maybe this list can help you resolve the
ambiguities. One problem with the simple answer revolves around whether
the filesystem was created originally as ext2fs and converted or was
created as ext3fs. The second problem revolves around how an ext2fs
might have been converted to ext3. These are details you know from
the history of your machine both before and after Psyche was installed.
You did not supply them yet expect a simple answer. The simple to give
answer is, most bluntly put, "RTFM". Michael was nice enough to point
out which part of the man(ual) you should examine. If this is dis-
courteous as you see it I'm not sure what can be done about it.

I'll ascribe your testiness to the annoyance of trying franticly to
get something working under immense pressure. Otherwise I'd be rather
tempted to lace into you quite nastily for your arrogance.


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