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Re: Ext3 File System Check

Tony Nugent wrote:

John Lowell wrote:

Jesse Keating wrote:

/me kindly points you (John Lowell) at the unsubscribe address:


Please enjoy the bliss you'll receive by not having any of us email you ever

Promise me that you won't write again, Jesse? Please.

oh my, this thread has got so bad.

John Lowell

who the hell are you? You are an arrogant prick, Mr Lowell. You have been in the wrong right from the start of this flame war, and you obviously don't know what you are talking about. Get a life.

You are firing your salvos in the wrong directions.  As it happens,
Michael and Jessie are two of the more helpful people on this list.
Yet you continue to carry on like this.

You need to pull your head in, shut up, and grow up.

Craig suggested a visit to the KY site, I think that would be very
appropriate for you.

Oh dear, are you now going to report me to the list administrator as
well?  Oh no!

Now can this thread die so we can get on with some real discussions
about redhat 8.0?

Are you the party that sent me the hate mail privately, Tony? The style certainly sounds the same and some of the phrases are actually identical. You can bet that I'll be talking to the list administrator.

John Lowell

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