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Re: And Now Hate Mail?

(with apologies for the rest of the readers here for this complete
waste of time)

On Sun Mar 09 2003 at 02:24, John Lowell wrote:

> I just got two private e-mail messages from someone on the list who
> lacked the courage to identify themselves to me or to permit a reply
> from me because they manipulated the From address in such a way as to
> make that impossible. I think I can guess who the party may be, but I'd

Oh, that "party" be me.  And get a life, it wasn't "hate" mail.

Yeah, I "manipulated" the From header just to confuse (and mildly
irritate) you, but it is rather trivial to figure out who the sender
of a message really is.  I could have manipulated it to make its
origin completely anonymous, but that wasn't the point of why I
emailed you privately.  Someone needed to tell you fair and square
that you were acting like a complete jerk.  And still are.

> like to share the contents of the messages with you. Some mailing list
> this one:

Oh, so you want to keep this public?  Ok.

You deserve all the flames that have been thrown at you... you did
start this.

And now you are further abusing netiquitte by posting private email.

What do you intend to achieve by all this?

The actual result: more mailing list pollution.  Bummer.

> >>> Interesting, jdow, but I rather saw him, and now you, as a bother.
> >>> Kindly never write me here again or I'll contact the list manager.
> >>>
> >>> John Lowell

> >Oh, how terrifying!
> >
> >Now you just go ahead and waste your time trying to do exactly that.
> >
> >I'm afraid that it is you who is the wrong here.

> >Look you moron, can you take your childish and petty groaning
> >elsewhere?
> >
> >Please don't pollute the mailing lists with your crap.
> >
> >Michael was being helpful.  You just took "rtfm" totally the wrong
> >way.
> >
> >And you should have rtfm as he indicated, it was a rather silly
> >question that you asked anyway.
> >
> >sheet!

> Yeah, this is going to the list manager alright.

So what?  He'll just throw your complaints into the bit-bin as a
waste of _his_ time.

Nothing I said there is untruthful, and there is nothing the list
manager would be bothered to do anything about.  And even if he did,
what would he do?  This mailing list isn't moderated or subject to
censorship, and removing legitimate subscribers who frequently post
answers that help people isn't something they would do lightly.

In fact, it is your own actions in this matter deserve critical
review.  You've manage to get a lot of people pissed off with you.

I would put myself in the same boat as Jessie and Michael... I don't
*have* to spend time reading and posting to this mailing list, but I
do so in order to help people (since I have many years of solid
experience with linux and redhat).  (I honestly can't remember when
I last posted a "please help me" question).

You need to realise that RTFM is a common reply to many questions
(which your original question certainly deserved), and I've answered
many questions with similar responses on many occasions.  Why?
Because the answer really is in the Fine Manual.

But people with childish attitudes like yours need really do need to
have their head pulled in.

Take some advice... take a big breath, sit on your hands for a long
while, then hit the `next' button.

> John Lowell

For my part, I'm going to ignore this matter from now on, I've got
better things to do with my time and energy.

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