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HW failure during 8.0 install...?

Hi all,

I'm getting installer lockups during the "package drop" from the install

I'm going a "full-boat"  8.0 install for a server on the end of my cable
line..I am installing from ISO's that I downloaded through RHN after I
gave the original 8.0's to a friend to install (I really hope she uses

I'm getting problems during the install.  the system will freeze at what
looks like random places in the "package drop", and force me to restart
the install from scratch.

I've been swapping parts and restarting (5 attempts now) and I don't
know what else to swap out...I had 3 faults (i.e. partial install
followed by lock at some package) before I got the first official RH
message "Hey friend, Error installing package, it could be a lot of
things...you gotta reboot now"...no slam intended, it WAS nice to see a
message confirming what I can see and also makes me think "smart
kernel's, even know's when HW's is messed up's."

Hardware is Asus A7M chassis..some parts from new, some not.....10&40 GB
HD's known to work previous 7.1 install with 2 yrs run time.  I'm also
trying for a CD (already swapped two through. Yamaha 2100 CD-RW for
noname-52X) and 512M of PC-2100 ram (pulled one of originals and I'm
installing again after failure on the first 256M module).  

I always eliminate bad/marginal stuff as found.... so there's nothing
that I KNOW is bad in it now, but what I think I know might be wrong.

Is the RH installer set up to let you know anything more?...I liked the
message, but more (if it's available) would be even better.

Could it really be media?...I've gotten to different places on the disk

Anyone seen this behavior before?.....what was it?...How about fun
anecdotes or heavy "voodoo" you used to cure. 

Remember that like all messages to this list, your answers will be
recorded for posterior-ity and search-able in the future!...beware.


Dan Devine <dannyboy259 attbi com>

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