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Re: talk

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On Sat, 08 Mar 2003 18:21:43 -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:

> >> installed with talk are:
> >>   /usr/bin/talk
> >>   /usr/share/man/man1/talk.1.gz
> >> 
> >> No talkd which is mentioned in the `see also' part of `talk' manpage.
> >> 
> >> This led me to think I needed another package `talk-server' but
> >> installing it causes `talk' to be uninstalled and vice versa.
> >
> > Querying the rpms doesn't yield anything like that. The talk-server
> > packages only obsoletes an older "ntalk" package.
> Doesn't yield anything like what?  What I posted was a direct result
> of a query:
>   rpm -ql talk
>   /usr/bin/talk
>   /usr/share/man/man1/talk.1.gz

I meant querying a package with option "--obsoletes" to see whether
installation of the "talk-server" package would remove any other
package. Below you gave the steps on how to reproduce your problem:

> I have talk-0.17-17 installed:
> rpm -qa |grep talk
>    talk-0.17-17
> With this only, none of the files you showed below are installed 
>   >  /etc/xinetd.d/ntalk
>   > /etc/xinetd.d/talk
>   > /usr/sbin/in.ntalkd
>   > /usr/sbin/in.talkd
> But note that the `talk' command is available:
>   which talk
>   /usr/bin/talk
>   So attempting to install talk-server
> like:
>   up2date -i talk-server
> Now note that talk-0.17-17 is gone:
>   rpm -qa |grep talk
>   talk-server-0.17-17

- From talk package changelog for Phoebe 8.0.94 where I cannot
reproduce it with up2date:

  * Tue Feb 04 2003 Tim Waugh <twaugh redhat com> 0.17-20

  - Only one of the built packages should obsolete/provide ntalk.

It seems you have found something related. What happens if you
install both packages with rpm -ivvh? Both "talk-server" and "talk"
provide "ntalk" and also obsolete "ntalk". Maybe that caused a
problem as of Psyche.

  # rpm -qp --provides talk-0.17-17.i386.rpm
  talk = 0.17-17

  # rpm -qp --obsoletes talk-0.17-17.i386.rpm

  # rpm -qp --provides talk-server-0.17-17.i386.rpm
  talk-server = 0.17-17

  # rpm -qp --obsoletes talk-server-0.17-17.i386.rpm

Anyway, for talk to work you would need to install both packages. ;-)

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