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Re: And Now Hate Mail?

Marcel J.E. Mol wrote:

Hi John,

You state you don't know who sent the hate mails because the
From header is faked. But by copying the messages as you did below
they could just as well been made up by you (please don;t take
this as a threat). I noticed you using a non-microsoft/non-lotus-notes
based email program so I would be quite easy to include all the
envelope header from these emails. From that one can get a good grip the messages originated from (unless
the posters are so clever to even forge all that but that would
be quite some hassle just to sent these emails).

Now to your original question. You were quite sattisfied with Aarons answer. So I assume you tried his suggestion. I would be quite interested in the results of that and if it resolved the reason tou decided to post this question in the first place.

Best regards,


Hi Marcel,

It's nice to hear from you.

The party who wrote me so courageously gave himself away. He's subsequently owned up to authoring the e-mail. But I very much appreciate your attempt to be helpful.

To answer to your question about Aaron, my description of his response as helpful was as much generated by the courteous style in which he made it as anything else. I'd posed this same question to another distro's mailing list and had gotten an answer back from them before having much of an opportunity to try Aaron's solution. Actually, it made trying Aaron's command entirely unnecessary. I'm where I need to be on the file system check.


John Lowell

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