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RE: why there is no sound when I played CD

Thank you very much. I tried the headphone but there was no sound either.

Plug a headphone into the headphone jack of the CDROM.  If you hear
sound then the problem is no connection between the CD Drive and your
soundcard.  XP uses clock cycles to digitize the CD output and send
that to the sound card.  XMMS has a plugin that is supposed to do
this but it does not work for me.  AFAIK there is no other player for
Linux that does the digital conversion

If you use KDE you can try audiocd:/ in Konqueror.  If you use
ide-scsi emulation set /dev/sg0 to rw

# chmod a+rw /dev/sg0

It's OK for ripping but lousy for playing IMO.

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