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Re: cron.daily running at 16:00 instead of 4:00(AM)?

On Sun, 2003-03-09 at 17:38, Mr. Adam ALLEN wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-03-09 at 21:55, Chris Kloiber wrote:
> > Does it consistently run at the wrong time if you left it on 24x7? I
> > thought anacron was modified so it would wait a bit after the machine
> > was turned on to run anything that was missed while the machine was off.
> > IIRC, this was so that the user would not have to wait 5-10 minutes
> > after the machine was powered on before it became usable. 
> > 
> My laptop certainly waits just long enough for me to be busy working on
> something before it kicks in-- rather than it running 12 hours out...

I was thinking the 12 hours was a coincidence. I believe they said the
machines were on for about an hour when the updatedb kicked off.

I also said I was guessing, and might be totally wrong. :)

Chris Kloiber

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