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Re: Once I build a modularized kernel to get HPFS, how does thisaffect updates via up2date?

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 08:44, James Jones wrote:
> Once I do this, though, how often do I get to go through the process 
> again?  I would expect it with a move from one version to another, but 
> how about kernel updates via up2date within a version? Thanks.
Firstly you could get the latest (stable) kernel from kernel.org, then
you wouldn't have to worry about recompiling every time redhat released
a kernel update.  Plenty of other people (including RedHat) can comment
on the benefits of using their kernels instead of kernel.org's. 
Besides, you don't have to keep updating your kernel just because a new
one is released, unless the new kernel fixes some bugs / security holes
that you experience.  I've been running 2.4.20 about as long as its been

Secondly, I would compile the kernel using RedHats config file, and
possibly 'make oldconfig' if you're using different source for which the
config file was written, _without_ doing any changes by yourself.  Then
make sure it is bootable.  This step weeds out any problems related to
your process rather than the source you're trying to compile.

Thirdly, you can change options and add modules (HPFS for example). 
This step should be short, so long as you don't do a make clean.

This is just a pointer to get you going.  You'll have to look into
readmes and so on for more exact steps, but thats half the fun isn't it

Iain Buchanan <iain nospam pcorp com au>
"Mr. Spock succumbs to a powerful mating urge and nearly kills Captain Kirk."
-- TV Guide, describing the Star Trek episode _Amok_Time_

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