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Re: Moved HOME, Gnome Not Convinced

On 15:47 10 Mar 2003, Pierre Lamb <plamb_98 yahoo com> wrote:
| Is this user logging through GNOME??? If do try telnet session/command line not the GUI if thtas puts hime in the correct dir then it is GNOME doing it
|  "Ronald W. Heiby" <heiby_rh falkor chi il us> wrote:
|     Saturday, March 8, 2003, 8:21:45 AM, Aaron wrote:
|     > This should have nothing to do with Gnome. Are you saying that in the
|     > entry in the passwd file for this user says his home directory is in
|     > /lhome/user and he is still put into /home/user.
|     Exactly. It's got me scratching my head.

Try grepping for /home/user in the personal GNOME config files.
Some things write full paths in their status files (i.e. the ones used
to open that same apps you had last time, with the same directories/files
showing etc).

	find ~/.g* -type f -print | xargs grep /home/user /dev/null

and see what it recites. Count be illuminating.

Cameron Simpson, DoD#743        cs zip com au    http://www.zip.com.au/~cs/

Vacuumware: n, software which was written specifically to fill a void in the
	industry, especially software which is successful more due to how
	well it fills that void than due to anything else, like usability or

It may have been Dennis Ritchie who said (about X) "Sometimes when you fill
a vacuum, it still sucks." X is a prime example of vacuumware, and in fact
inspired the term.

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