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Re: Ext3 vs Ext2

Michael Stack wrote:

I recently read an interview w/ one of the maintainers of ext3, and they
mentioned that it generates quite a bit more drive activity than ext2. For
that reason, they recommended against using ext3 for laptops. As to whether
it's slower or not, I have to imagine that the journaling has some overhead,
but whether that makes it slower, I don't know.

Make sense! I'm always a linux laptop user [this time is on vaio]. That "slower" feeling comes because, like if I fire up the konsole then it takes a second or two before the prompt shows up. Firing up other apps is also the same, it always makes the HD seem to work extra harder.


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Hallo list, I have a "feeling" that ext3 is much slower than ext2. My hadrdrive blinks more often after I let RH8 formatted it with its favorite ext3; not to mention the noise from the harddrive rotation. As I said, it's just a "feeling" so please don't flame me for feeling it. Am I justified anyway? Is it true that ext3 fs is somehow inferior in practice that ext2? JD

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