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Re: Ext3 vs Ext2

JD wrote:

Make sense! I'm always a linux laptop user [this time is on vaio]. That "slower" feeling comes because, like if I fire up the konsole then it takes a second or two before the prompt shows up. Firing up other apps is also the same, it always makes the HD seem to work extra harder.

In theory, ext3 should be a little slower, although the Red Hat docs suggest that ext3 manages the disk better to make up for it. I've been a linux laptop user for about 3 years now and I've always used either reiserfs or ext3 for my system partition and ext2 for data.

I have a spare partition where I load other distros or betas and have an ext2 distro on there now. Honestly, I can't really tell a difference between ext2 and ext3, but my laptop is fairly new (2 Ghz P4). I like having the extra protection of ext3/reiserfs.

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