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Re: perl: Split loop at...

On 11:43 12 Mar 2003, Telford <telford crecom com au> wrote:
| > From: Norman Gaywood <norm turing une edu au>
| > But I could not find any input that gave the split loop error message.
| > The error message is mentioned in man perldiag but it just points you
| > to the perldoc -f split page. And as you said, this says nothing about
| > this error.
| My default LANG setting is "en_AU.UTF-8" by the way.
| So something to do with utf8 is breaking things... I still don't
| understand why because all the input characters are low ASCII and should
| be perfectly compatible between utf8 and ASCII. Unfortunately the
| default RedHat install will choose en_AU.utf8 instead of en_AU as the
| standard language for Australia but now that I know what I'm doing at
| least I know how to fix things for myself.

Yeah. Man perldiag says:

       Split loop
           (P) The split was looping infinitely.  (Obviously, a
           split shouldn't iterate more times than there are
           characters of input, which is what happened.)  See the
           split entry in the perlfunc manpage.

A quick grep through the source shows this:

	[perl/perl-5.6.1]zapff*> rg "split loop"
	./pod/perldiag.pod:3060:=item Split loop
	./pp.c:5307:    DIE(aTHX_ "Split loop");

which is a piece of code in pp.c that says:

    iters = (SP - PL_stack_base) - base;
    if (iters > maxiters)
        DIE(aTHX_ "Split loop");

which is a debug statement that should never fire. So a bug report should be
filed with the "perlbug" command.

For what it's worth, I have this:


in my environment specificly to avoid some UTF-8isms. Not because I
hate UTF-* - I _like_ UTF-8 and think it's the Right Thing. But some
apps aren't ready for it yet.

Cameron Simpson, DoD#743        cs zip com au    http://www.zip.com.au/~cs/

Through and through the world is infested with quantity. To talk sense is to
talk quantities. It is no use saying the nation is large- how large? It is no
use saying that radium is scarce- how scarce? You can not evade quantity. You
may fly to poetry and music and quantity and number will face you in your
rythmns and your octaves.	- Alfred North Whitehead

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