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RE: Converting Outlook PST files...

Another method to use.
Connect to an imap server via outlook.
Copy over your mail to your imap inbox.
You now have a MBOX format file on your imap server, that you can import
into your linux thing.
All attachments are included.

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Just had to mention this.  Have just found a way of converting Outlook pst
files so they can then be imported into various Linux mail clients.  It's
libpst and can be found at:


Apologies if anyone thinks this off topic, but i remember seeing many
requests as to whether Outlook pst files can be imported and the answer
given was usually no they can't.  Well  I've been able to import my old pst
file into Sylpheed okay.  A bit long winded in that you have to import each
folder on it'd own.  There may be a way to do a mass import, but I've not
discovered it yet.

Only problem is that it does not successfully deal with all attachments. But
then it does point that out.

Hope this helps someone.


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