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Re: partition table help

My bet is that you can recover with fips IF you made a back-up of your
MBR with fips, BEFORE deleting the partition. If not, and if XP is the
very important to you now, get the HD and put it in a Windows box
running PartitionMagic (recent version). You will - at least - have the
possibility to clone the XP partition, or move it to the beginning of
the disk and get it working again.
PS: Do it at your own risk, and do not blame me if the sky falls over
your head.
Also, after the storm goes away, take a look at the Partition-HowTo


Renato Salles

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 19:15, Vasyl Kenyuk wrote:
> I have a big problem:
> running install RadHat 8.0 over old partitions i've removed these 
> inadvertent with fdisk without formating them. On the mashine was RedHat 
> 7.3 and also WinXP.
> Is it possible to recovery the old table (with fips perhaps?) or at 
> least WinXP partition?
> Thanks in advance.
> Vasyl
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