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Re: [Fwd: ScanMail Message: To Sender Match eManager setting and take actio n.]

Tony Nugent wrote:

> I would complain.  It is one thing to scan for and block/drop
> viruses and spam (and "bad" attachments etc), but filtering content
> with a "profanity" block in otherwise legitimate emails is
> tantamount to unilateral censorship.  What right have they to do
> that?

Profanity blocking can be a very legitimate tool in the right
circumstances. It's a good way to filter a great deal of
pornographic spam if you have no other blockage in place. 
In a standard office environment profanity can be an indicator
of non-work related traffic (or at least inappropriate
correspondance). There are any number of reasons to 
filter profanity; some legitimate, some less so.
I pesonally don't give a hoot if people want to filter
their mail or not. 
But it bloody well should be a proper filter, shouldn't it?

I've had mail bounce off a profanity block because of
the word tool. I couldn't believe it.

There are wankers and there are wankers.


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