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Re: Digital camera question

Pavel Rozenboim wrote:

I have Samsung digimax 410 camera. It can be connected to PC with USB cable.
According to the /var/log/messages it is recognized as USB mass storage
device and usb-storage and some scsi related modules (sg, sd_mod and
probably some others) are loaded. I see its listing in
/proc/bus/usb/devices. I read somewhere on internet that I should be able to

Ity appears to have recognized the camera then.

"just" mount it as scsi device. I tried to mount /dev/sd[a-d][1-4] as well
as /dev/sd[a-d] devices, but always got an error that it is not valid block
device. Do I need some camera specific driver? If not, how so I find the
right device to mount? Does anyone have any experience with this camera?

#cat /prc/scsi/scsi

That should list the scsi devices in your system.

The output of lsusb and the dmesg results following the hotplug event would be helpfull. So would lsmod output.


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