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Re: Very weird : X not loading just for one user !!!

Jason Dale wrote:
I'll see if I can find a solution to this, as it does sound pretty wierd.

This probably won't work either, but it's worth a try ...

Backup all of the important data and programs and then remove
the user account and related directories:

# userdel -r [account]

It should work, but is over kill too.

----- Original Message -----
I can get X started under root or under my wife's user but not mine.

So everything seams OK on the system. It's just your, personal, user configuration that's broken.

I always start in console mode and type startx. When I do this under my
user, X starts loading but stops with a black screen and the mouse
pointer with an X form.

So X is running then. Do you normaly use GNOME or KDE?

Basically, the windowmanager and the rest of the desktop environment (DE) is not starting correctly.

To check, when you get the screen with the X cursor, use <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<F1> to return to the console. The start and Xterm to make sure X is working. 'xterm -display :0 &' should so the trick.
<Ctrl>+<Alt>+<F7> will return you to X, and you should see the Xterm window. If that works, try starting a windomanager. From the Xterm window, type 'metacity &' and the window should get the normal borders, and you can now move, resize, and shade the xterm.

To exit either return to the console and kill X, or use <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<BackSpace> to do it.

If that worked, from the console try 'gnome-session' or 'startkde'.
Do either of those bring up the full DE?

Also, post the contents of ~/.xsession-errors


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