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Re: Very weird : X not loading just for one user !!!

>>> jverel optonline net 03/13/03 12:16PM >>>

On 03/13/03 07:58 -0600, Charles wrote:
> What are the contents of the .Xclients file and .Xclients-default 
> file in your home directory? Check to see if they are different from

> other users.
...or simply move them, while logged in as yourself from a console,

Also, go to /var/log/ and blow away your old tmp files.  You may have
stray lock laying around.


Another thought.  Are you using quotas?  If that user has used up his
quota limit on the home drive, X won't start and it can't even write the
errors since the ~/.xsession-errors file is essentially write

I am getting in the habit of running quota and df first for every X
problem.  It saves me pounding my head against the wall after
troubleshooting for an hour and finding that it was a VERY simple
problem of no space on /home or (more usually) /tmp.

My $0.02.


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