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Re: Digital camera question

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 09:39, Thomas Dodd wrote:
> Pavel Rozenboim wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I have Samsung digimax 410 camera. It can be connected to PC with USB cable.
> > According to the /var/log/messages it is recognized as USB mass storage
> > device and usb-storage and some scsi related modules (sg, sd_mod and
> > probably some others) are loaded. I see its listing in
> > /proc/bus/usb/devices. I read somewhere on internet that I should be able to
> Ity appears to have recognized the camera then.

Not so fast.....I've had problems with mine too, and while it did show
up in the /proc/bus/usb/devices (it gave me the manufacturer id and
model id and whatnot) and in the /proc/scsi directory (as a connected
device), it still wasn't really recognized as a proper USB device and I
wasn't able to do anything with it (i.e. mount and unmount).

I've found the best information on specific devices at the linux-usb


check the supported devices for your model......


You may be able to adapt the device info header for the Digimax 340
series to work with the Digimax 410.  I'm not sure what modules those
are in though.  After you complete your mods (if they are not already
there), you will also have to recompile.....

In my experience, I simply copied another header from a similar series
that was supported and modified the model code to match what I was
getting from the /proc/bus/usb/devices file.  I also modified the text
description to match my model.  This worked like a charm.

You should be seeing 0x0839 or 0x0836 for the digimax series, along with
a "model identifier" after that.

> > "just" mount it as scsi device. I tried to mount /dev/sd[a-d][1-4] as well
> > as /dev/sd[a-d] devices, but always got an error that it is not valid block
> > device. Do I need some camera specific driver? If not, how so I find the
> > right device to mount? Does anyone have any experience with this camera?
> #cat /prc/scsi/scsi
> That should list the scsi devices in your system.
> The output of lsusb and the dmesg results following the hotplug event 
> would be helpfull. So would lsmod output.
> 	-Thomas
Dan Devine <dannyboy259 attbi com>

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