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Re: More CD-RW Burning Issues...

** Reply to message from "Christopher A. Williams" <chrisw privatei com> on Thu, 13 Mar 2003 19:20:56 -0700

> I've been following the CD-RW burning issue and have some additional
> input:
> I have removed magicdev and turned off autorun.
> I went to the store and bought a *brand new* CD-RW - a Memorex internal
> IDE 52x/24x/52x beauty. Installed it and started burning CDs at speeds
> ranging from 6x to 32x.
> Result: Both XCDRoast and GNOME Toaster produced burned CDs with no
> errors - BUT the disks were not fully readable! I burned Red Hat CDs
> (Phoebe 3 and 8.0) from ISO images. Media tests failed on ALL with
> impressive consistency.
> OK - I've now sunk about $100 and several hours into this personally
> just to verify it's a nasty problem. So far, I have a new CDRW and a
> pile of Verbatim DataLife Plus 32X brand coasters to show for it. Ideas
> welcome.

Sorry to hear of the unnecessary expense. But as a last ditch, why not take the supposed coasters to another CD reader and see if they can be read?


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