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Re: More CD-RW Burning Issues...

Turned off Pad Tracks in XCD Roast and tried again with both Imation and
Verbatim disks.

The burns completed with no errors whatsoever, but the CDs all still
fail on the Red Hat media tests. I can read the CDs though using both my
existing Red Hat system and my laptop running Win XP. Could these CDs
actually be OK and that the problem is really that the Media tester in
Phoebe 3 is just reporting falsely?



On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 21:09, Michael Fratoni wrote:
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> On Thursday 13 March 2003 09:20 pm, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> > I've been following the CD-RW burning issue and have some additional
> > input:
> >
> > I have removed magicdev and turned off autorun.
> >
> > I went to the store and bought a *brand new* CD-RW - a Memorex internal
> > IDE 52x/24x/52x beauty. Installed it and started burning CDs at speeds
> > ranging from 6x to 32x.
> >
> > Result: Both XCDRoast and GNOME Toaster produced burned CDs with no
> > errors - BUT the disks were not fully readable! I burned Red Hat CDs
> > (Phoebe 3 and 8.0) from ISO images. Media tests failed on ALL with
> > impressive consistency.
> Perhaps not related, but I've found that XCDRoast defaults to enabling the 
> "pad tracks" option. I've yet to burn a CD using that option that passed 
> the media checks. Virtually every CD burned with "pad tracks" disabled 
> has verified without error.
> I've no idea if gnome toaster does something similar, I've never used it.
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