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Re: Converting Outlook PST files...

Thanks for that.  Have now got my Outlook 2000 to connect to the IMAP server on the redhat box and have started to move folders from the pst file to the IMAP server and can see them from my Evolution client, but not my sylpheed client.

What is disappointing or maybe it's the way the IMAP is set up, but can't create sub folders (this is the same from Evolution ot Outlook 2000)?  I can create loads of individual folders, but if I want to create a folder underneath a created folder will not let me?  For example I'd like to have a folder structure like:


I can create the linux and friends folders, but it won't let me create the redhat, mandrake, debain, etc. sub-folders.

Is there a way round this?  Maybe with a different IMAP server or with different settings?

Part of the reasoning behind this exercise is that in time we will be moving from Exchange 5.5 to a Linux based email server.  Not sure which one yet.  Mainly need to have email and contacts, possibly calendering.  Have looked at Samsung Contact, but it dos not yet run on redhat 8.0.



On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:02:20 -0500
Keith Winston <kwinston twmi rr com> wrote:

> Neil Loffhagen wrote:
> > I've thought about doing that, but am just a bit concerned that I lack the needed knowledge.  Started reading the latest Sendmail "bat" book and was getting, a bit, well just concerned that I wasn't following everything.  Coming from the gui background of windows still a bit apprehensive about the command line.  A lot better than I was, but still a long way to go.
> > 
> > Is there any "simple" way to set up an imap server, or any web pages that deal with it in simple terms?
> Don't know what you consider simple, but RH8.0 includes an imap server 
> in on CD 2: imap-2001a-15.i386.rpm.
> After installing it, you need to enable imap through the services tool 
> (redhat-config-services), or you can manually do what the tool does and 
>   set "disable = no" in the /etc/xinetd.d/imap file and restart xinetd.
> Now, if you have working mail transfer agent (sendmail or postfix), you 
> should be able to send/receive mail to it using an IMAP client like 
> mozilla mail or newer versions of outbreak.
> This should be sufficient to get your mail moved.  However, if you want 
> to get into lots of tricky stuff with mail systems, your gonna need more 
> animal books from O'Reilly ;)
> Best Regards,
> Keith
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